Private Rental Management Services

Trymore Estates offers a wide range of Residential Rental Management Services.

Trymore Estates was established in 2006 and came about because, as property owners, we were disappointed with the standard of a succession of Estate Agents who we let our properties through.

Our clients are now happy and safe in the knowledge that their properties are being managed as if they were our own.

Proper background checks of potential tenants are made.

A legal (Consumer Protection Act compliant) lease is made up and signed. Stringent incoming and outgoing inspections are carried out. All rentals and associated payments are paid to our Trust Account. Proper records are kept. Annual auditing takes place.

Site visits are made on a regular basis to the properties to ensure compliance with the lease conditions.

We  provide a hands-on personalised service in the Rental Management industry. For your peace of mind, we regularly attend seminars
and courses to keep abreast of industry standards and legislation. We Network with other agents to keep a finger on the pulse at all times.

  • A 3 tier system of rental management
  • A written contract with you, the owner so you know what to expect from us
  • ALL potential tenants are given a thorough background check, including employment, previous landlords and credit and legal checks.
  • A lease that is approved by the EAAB and follows the requirements of the Rental Housing Act.
  • Regular visits to your premises to ensure that the conditions of the lease are being adhered to.
  • Handing over timeously, of defaulters.

Management Contract 1: This entails us advertising the premises, finding a suitable tenant and getting the lease signed. A property inspection will take place at the commencement and end of the lease as per legal requirements.
Management Contract 2: The entire above PLUS: – The deposit will be taken from the tenant and kept in our Trust Account for the duration of the lease. The rent will be taken from the tenant and passed on to you less our monthly management fee. Any defaulting tenants will be dealt with appropriately and timeously
Management Contract 3: The entire above PLUS: – All repairs and maintenance will be carried out by us, subject to a limit to be agreed upon. Regular visits will be made to the premises (subject to legal requirements). Municipal costs (excluding Rates) will be recovered from the tenant and paid by us.