Sectional Title Management

Trymore Estates offer a comprehensive range of Sectional Title Management Services.

These include preparation and posting of notices for General Meetings, attendance at Trustee Meetings as required by the Body Corporate, attendance of AGM’s and taking minutes at these meetings. Minutes are sent out timeously. We also prepare and send out notices to owners and/or tenants as the need arises. Advice is given to Trustees and owners as required.

LEVY COLLECTION is the life blood of a Sectional Title Complex. If this is not handled correctly, the Complex cannot be properly managed. Therefore, we send out timeous notification of levies due by all owners. If the levies are not paid within the required period, the defaulting owner is handed over to an attorney. We find that the numbers of defaulting owners on our books are very low due to our zero tolerance approach.

INSURANCE for your complex can be arranged by us and we deal with experts in the field of Sectional Title Insurance. Claims processing is carried out as and when required.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT is extremely important for any business. We receive and pay timeously, all accounts for the Body Corporate according to our conditions. We pay: Staff salaries, UIF, PAYE, Municipal accounts, Service Supplier’s accounts. We prepare monthly financial reports, including budget, balance sheet, age analysis etc. Annual External audits are done by Auditors; Annual Budgets are prepared for submission to the AGM. Bank accounts are managed on behalf of the Body Corporate.

MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT is an essential part of Sectional Title Management and we have a comprehensive list of recommended service providers. Repair work identified by the Body Corporate trustees is handled from calling out the relevant teams to signing off the jobs on completion.