There has been plenty of debate around the right of residents to walk themselves and their dogs around Sectional Title Schemes during the “Lockdown”. Several “experts” claim to have the legal view,

But I think that we should look at the opinion expressed by Professor Graham Paddock which can be read by going to the address below.

His opinion is that, as an owner owns an undivided share in the Common Property, it forms part of their residence and they can use it for access and recreation.

However, the opinion of Marina Constas and Alan Levy differ from this. Another view is that of the SAPS who say that no one may walk a dog or jog on common property and they encourage security firms to report anyone who does this.

So, make up your own minds.

I would suggest that trustees make a decision based on the size and layout of the block and the common property, the residents opinions and their needs. Each block is different, so get the view from all your owners before making a ruling.

Keep Safe and Healthy