Is your Body Corporate FYE at the end of December? Start preparing for your AGM now.

Make sure your Financials are sent to your auditor as soon as possible in September.

Make sure your Budgets are correct and ready for ratifying at the AGM.

Make sure your Insurance Policy is paid and up to date.

Don’t forget you need Fidelity Cover as well as Liability Insurance. If in doubt, contact Addsure.

As soon as you receive your Audited Financial Statements, book your venue. Remember to give two weeks’ notice, or four weeks if you have a Special Resolution to vote on.

Check up on the accepted format for the agenda and make sure all relevant documents are sent out with the agenda. If you are voting for a Special Resolution, the agenda and documents must be sent by registered post to all owners and bond holders. Otherwise, email will suffice if all owners have agreed to that form of delivery.